Stark Industries manufactures a complete line of Diesel & Electric Compressor packages.

We take pride in designing direct drive machines. Whether diesel, electric, or self-contained units, our goal is always minimum space & weight, combined with maximum efficiency.

Stark Industries success in supplying high pressure compressors for seismic oil exploration has created a large demand for our rental units. As a result, Stark Industries maintains a large inventory of seismic rental compressors. Stark designs, maintains, and re-manufactures, all compressors in our own 40,000 square foot facility on 1 ¼ acres in the heart of Houston. See Compressors


Stark Industries was founded in 1962 as a machine shop in Houston, Texas by Jess Stark. As the business grew, Jess steered Stark Industries into manufacturing specialized high pressure compressor packages in 1969.

Today, Stark Industries resides on 1 ¼ acres in Houston prime. Our shop technicians and operators design and craft everything on site.

Our philosophy is to keep it simple. Our goal is to build a dependable, bullet-proof machine, that is easy to operate and maintain. To date, Stark industries, builds the lightest, most compact, 100 CFM machine, on the market. We took that a step further and built the Ultra-lite. See Compressors. We also offer many accessories. Click here.


We buy used compressors. Call for a quote.




Stark Industries is all you need to remember when it comes to high pressure SCUBA compressor or seismic compressor technology. Whether you need to repair an existing model or wish to upgrade to one of our flagship models, or you want a custom design, you will find our level of service and attention to detail second to none.

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