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Stark Industries specializes in service and repair of high pressure gas and air compressors but the term "repair" does not begin to describe what Stark can do to re-manufacture a compressor to better than new condition along with a better than new warranty.

Buying New vs. Remanufacturing

The obvious answer would be that the re-manufactured compressor would save you money over the purchase of a new unit. The not so obvious but even better answer is that a Stark remanufactured unit not only costs less than new but is better than new. Stark comprssors are fitted with innovative combinations of parts and configurations that make them more reliable and easier to service than other compressors.

The compressor shown below is an example of the many high pressure compressor refurbishing projects completed by Stark Industries. This particular Ingersoll Rand compressor was originally belt driven and inoperable. Stark performed a complete overhaul of the compressor block and redesigned the drive configuration to direct-drive eliminating the extra vibration inherent with belt driven systems. All air purificatiion components were re-built. The result is a new compressor with superior parts and easy access for service. A truly superior product.
Consider these benefits when deciding between buying new vs remanufacturing
Remanufacturing your existing compressor (or purchasing a remanufactured compressor) will save you money

A Stark Compressor will last longer with superior parts

Stark compressors place serviceable parts in easy to access locations. Easier maintenance increases the chances that proper service will be done.


  We have been manufacturing and servicing high pressure compressors since 1969. Over that period of time we have acquired a knowlege base of best practices and service tips that help our customers to keep their compressors running problem free for decades.  
  For example:  
  Did you know that using the wrong oil in your compressor can lead to premature failure?  
  Did you know that starting a compressor that has been sitting idle for an extended period without proper preparation can decrease the service life of your compressor?  
  Did you know that if your compressor doesn't have enough ventilation, it will lead to improper cooling of your compressor can reduce compressor life expectency?  
  Answers to all of these questions and more are available to our customers in our publication "Compressors for Dummies". This comprehensive manual reveals the industry secrets to keeping your compressor running in top condition for many years. The guide is also valuable for sizing and selecting your compressor type and configuration. This guide is updated regularly and is available to Stark compressor owners.  


Stark Industries also manufactures and services air purification systems

Turn your old compressor into a Stark-Rebuilt compressor. Our refurbishing process will make your compressor better than new.

Re-orient configuration

Solve Balance/Vibration problems

Conversion from electric to gas/diesel

Conversion from gas/diesel to electric

Serviceability improvements

Use of superior parts

On site service

Specialists in direct drive.

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