Stark Industries is a manufacturer of high pressure (up to 6000psi) compressor packages.

Stark offers a complete line of high pressure compressors to meet requirements of size, weight, flow rate, pressure capacity and price.

At Stark Industries, we have the ability to listen to your input and custom design a unit. All Stark compressor technology and products are built to exacting standards at our Houston, Texas facility.

Stark compressors are built with stainless steel fittings and protected with the best anti-corrosion systems available. Our compressors can withstand the harshest corrosive environments and run like new, for a very long time. Stark Industries is equipped to run custom or limited production runs on parts at competitive rates. Call us for information about our custom parts services.

In addition to providing a superior product, Stark Industries also takes pride in its attention to customers' needs. If there is ever an issue with a Stark Compressor, our support staff is eager to help.

When you need high pressure air delivered in high volume, without impurities to foul up your equipment, no wonder Stark's compressors are the choice of our clients.

Overwhelmed? We're here to help:

If you are in the Houston area and would like to see what makes our compressors the most sought after in the industry, please stop in.

Stark Industries is your source for high performance seismic compressor equipment and SCUBA Compressors designed to take the punishment of demanding field and offshore environments with ease.

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