The Stark Industries purification systems will process air from any high-pressure source and achieve up to Grade H air quality as defined in the CGA (Compressed Gas Association) Specification G-7.1 or any other criterion. A variety of chemicals may be utilized to achieve the desired result, including the removal of oil, water, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other noxious gases. The chambers will accept either disposable or refillable cartridges.

System sizes range from 15,000 to 350,000 cubic feet of processed air per cartridge change. The systems can be configured to handle almost any flow rate, but single row arrangements should be limited to 80 CFM maximum. Less is better. The higher flow rates must be processed by multiple rows of chambers in parallel as required.

Breathing air compressor systems manufactured by Stark Industries have properly sized purification systems as standard equipment. For adaptation or retrofit to existing compressors or special applications, wall mounted or free standing assemblies are available.

For high flow rates the Stark DT-55-6 dual tower heatless regenerative system is available. The system will process about 36 million cubic feet of air before media change. Price and specifications are available upon request.

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